About RDL Coatings

It all started with our original ARMOR 1 coating.  This hard, metallized, wear-resistant coating serves as a shield for your machine parts;  greatly extending the life of your equipment as it provides a protective barrier over the base metal of your parts allowing for smoother production runs.  As with all our coating types, this coating can be sprayed in a wide range of surface textures based on your needs.  Common applications include but are certainly not limited to Flat Work, Guide Bars, Mixing Blades, Pans, Rails, Rolls, Screws / Augers, Tubes and Turn Bars.

RDL Coatings has the capability to coat a wide range of both Flat and Cylindrical parts in a variety of sizes. These coatings bond excellent over Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Fiber, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and Composite substrates.

Looking for more? No problem. This coating can be applied alone or can be impregnated with our other specialty coatings offerings:

Traction   •   Release   •   Low COF   •   Corrosion Resistance

  Wear Resistance   •   Conductive / Non-Conductive

Commonly coated parts include:




Turn Tables

Guide Rails

Screws/ Augers

Mixing Blades

Higher Quality

Cleaner equipment and smoother production runs means fewer machine disruptions and less downtime.  As a result, you will realize faster changeover times and a reduction in overall maintenance needs.  This allows for better allocation of valuable maintenance personnel.

Decreased Downtime

Our wear-resistant, non-stick coatings keep your equipment clean and free of build up, ensuring a higher quality, more consistent end product. You will see a significant reduction in waste, product fall-out and rejections.

Increased Output

Our durable coatings serve as a shield to protect your parts against every day wear, harsh and/ or corrosive environments, and deformations caused by mechanical stress.  By providing greater durability and wear resistance, the life of your components is significantly extended.


Smoother, longer production cycles allow for increased output.  Our coatings aid in guiding your product over your parts quickly and efficiently, void of snagging and web pulls.  This results in increased output and faster lead times.

All of our coatings are customizable based on your needs.  After discussing and reviewing your application, a coating type will be recommended.  Samples are available in order to see how your material interacts with the suggested coating.  For example, if you have an adhesive application and are looking for release properties, a sample of your material is extremely helpful to test against the coating to ensure optimal results.